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Sometimes all you need is one good cover letter to change the odds of your job search. 
We have dozens to help you achieve great results. 

Master the ancient art of writing to break into the industry you want to be in. Become a word ninja and learn how to organize those scattering thoughts into a sharp, comprehensive and compelling cover letter that conveys the right message to your new employer. We have all the tools you need.

Best Cover Letter Examples

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Cover Letter for Internship

Marketing Cover Letter

Cover Letter for Teacher

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Borrow Our Pattern For Writing Mastery

It’s perfectly acceptable to get inspired by others’ work. There’s a good reason why the rules of perspective hardly changed – they are solid and help artists produce beautiful work over and over again. 

When it comes to cover letter writing, there’s no point in ‘breaking the rules’ either. Following the standard cover letter format and length isn’t boring. It’s effective. 

That’s why cover letter samples work. They provide you with a perspective to follow and a pattern to mimic. 


The secret to every successful cover letter is doing your research. Spending just 3 minutes on the company’s website will help align your communication style to show you’re the best fit, which can be more critical than prior experience.

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Mary Ford
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Cover Letter Examples By Industry

Discover even more professionally-written cover letters, packed with additional writing tips and advice from career coaches. 

Entry Level Cover Letter Examples

New to the job market? Fret not. Even if you lack years of experience, you can still pack a punch with your cover letter. We’ll show you how! 

Social and Government Services Cover Letter Examples

Show your dedication to serving the public and effortlessly explain how you will contribute to the organization’s agenda. 

Finance Cover Letter Examples

Quantify your achievements and show just how much money you can make or save for your next employer.

Legal Cover Letter Examples

Prevent your application from being sentenced to the rejection pile. Our legal samples will help you build a stronger case for yourself. 

IT Industry Cover Letter Examples

Translate your deep domain expertise and technical excellence into a coherent and on-point career narrative even non-techies will understand.  

Sales & Retail Cover Letter Examples

Never sell yourself short again with our actionable advice. Perfect the art of pitching yourself as the ideal candidate. 

Management & Executives Cover Letter Examples

Learn how to communicate years of work experience within one page using our tips and samples.

Engineering Cover Letter Examples

Reverse-engineer your job application by taking the best bits from our compelling samples.

Administrative & Office Cover Letter Examples

Brand yourself as an indispensable asset to any organization. Our cover letter examples and bonus writing tips will teach you the shortcut to getting noticed.  

Career Change Cover Letter Examples

Learn how to seamlessly wrap your potential weaknesses with strength and emphasize your full potential within a new domain.  

Marketing and Creative Careers Cover Letter Examples

Let your creativity and unique skills shine through the rigid cover letter format. Make a unique mark using our writing tips and samples. 

Hospitality & Customer Service Cover Letter Examples

Extend a warm welcome to the potential employer through an expertly crafted cover letter.

Bonus Samples!

Browse even more industry-neutral examples and cover letter writing advice for all sorts of occasions.

Don’t Want to Start with a Blank Canvas? Grab a Cover Letter Template

For that extra oomph pack your cover letter in a professional ‘wrapper’. Gain a secret advantage by making your application more attractive and memorable with a custom cover letter template.