About us

Even the most stellar resume can get lost in the crowd. When you are among a slew of qualified applicants, it’s difficult to stand out through credentials alone.

A great cover letter can drastically change the odds of landing that interview. But not everyone is naturally good with writing. Even fewer people are good at strategically promoting themselves to appeal to employers. 

Cover Letter Ninjas is our attempt to change that by providing expert tips, cover letter examples and templates for those stuck with their job application. 

We Offer Professionally Designed Cover Letter Templates

These are our ‘flagship’ offering. We’ve brought on board top professionals with experience in design and HR to create a wide variety of cover letter templates. Each one is specifically designed to grab the attention of hiring managers and help you showcase your best attributes. 

Our cover letter templates come in a variety of aesthetic styles, cater to many different industries, and will fit applicants with many different levels of experience. Our goal is to have a cover letter template to meet your needs, no matter what. We’re confident that you will find something you need here.

....and Plenty of Compelling Cover Letter Examples

We know it can be challenging to figure out exactly what to include in your cover letter.  How do you craft a document that is professional and that showcases your talents? How do you write one that doesn’t simply repeat what you’ve already included in your resume? 

We’ve got answers! Browse our extensive collection of cover letter examples, spiced up with applicable advice from top CPRWs and career coaches. 

Plus, Actionable Content For Job Seekers!

In addition to offering free cover letter templates and samples, we also share regular guides and how-tos explaining the nuts and bolts of writing a successful job application, as well as offer an insider perspective on the latest HR trends. 

Meet The Ninjas

Hertzel Betito


The creative mind behind Cover Letter Ninjas. “Secretly” fighting unemployment and unhappy careers.

Elena Prokopets

Chief Content Ninja

Copywriter, book nerd and self-proclaimed tea connoisseur.

Mary Ford

Executive Career Coach

Obsessed with helping people find the perfect job, and will also pet any animal within arm’s reach.

Claire Webber

Career Consultant, CPCC, CPRW

Career coach, HR specialist, and adventure chaser, helping others do more of what they love most.

Debi Douma-Herren

Senior Certified HR Professional & Career Coach

Coach to next-gen leaders, HR Consultant to hyper-growth businesses and lover of animals big and small.