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Will you go on and read a news article if the title was hodge-podge? Nope. Will you keep reading a book if the first few pages were boring? Nah, you’ll doze off.  

So why should anyone care to read your cover letter if it’s too plain and too monotonous, sounding exactly like every other applicant? 

Cover letters serve as a teaser – they grab the reader’s attention and prompt them what is to come. Sure thing, they also need to motivate that decision-maker to make one more step – in this case, review your resume or CV.


Statistics show that first impressions are, on average, made within 7 seconds. As cover letters are generally your “first impression” for a potential employer, it’s vital that your letter resonates positively and elicits a lasting impact. A cohesive, concise, and thoughtful cover letter is a key aspect in landing the opportunity of your dreams.

Claire W.
Claire Webber
Career Consultant, CPCC, CPRW

An engaging and compelling cover letter can set you miles apart from your competition. Many applicants think their cover letters are just “dressing” and never read, so why bother? Well, they couldn’t be more wrong. HRs do love to ‘judge a book by its cover’ and see cover letters as a quick test showing just how motivated and enthusiastic the candidate is. 

Want to make a solid first impression? Then get your ‘cover’ all polished up!

Your Prime Selection of Free Cover Letter Templates

We have put together the most punchy cover letter templates – templates that can be customized and tweaked for any type of position with any type of organization. 

Using one (or several) of these designs can make your cover letter unique, targeted, and compelling and, more importantly, motivate a recruiter to take a closer look at your persona.

Your Cover Letter FAQs Answered by our Career Ninjas

You have questions – we’ve got answers to your most pressing questions about writing a cover letter.

The operative word here is brief. An ideal cover letter is one page long. Shoot for three paragraphs and use your chosen template as a guide. After all, its main goal is to pique the reader’s interest to move on to your ‘main serving’ – your resume.

That depends. But, whatever you do, do not begin with those old trite statements like, “With interest I noted your recent posting for a ______ position. Please consider me as an applicant.” 

Brianstorm a more engaging opening. Tell the story of a great accomplishment that relates to the advertised position. Speak to your enthusiasm for the company, perhaps referring to something in the news recently. Mention your passion for what you do or some belief statement that will “strike a chord.” Open your cover letter with an attention-grabbing statement.

Remember, a cover letter should be only a compelling introduction to who you are and why you deserve a closer look. You also want to address the key skill requirements in the job posting, and this might include a single accomplishment, even a major research project you completed while in college – anything that promotes your unique qualifications or experience. 

Finally, explain what’s your motivation for applying to this particular company, what value can you bring them and what otherwise makes you a good fit.

This is always an issue. “To whom it may concern” is still an acceptable salutation. You can also use the terms “hiring manager” and you can put it in memo form if you wish:

To: Hiring Manager
From: (Your name)
Subj: (Posted Position)

Need More Cover Letter Advice?

Go on and browse our collection of cover letter examples. Each sample comes with additional writing tips that will help you write your letter faster. But first, don’t forget to grab a free cover letter template!