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Nurse educators have an incredible opportunity to shape the next generation of talent. They are employed by both medical and educational institutions to coach, mentor, and train other staff members. The position assumes less hands-on nursing and patient work. But it is still incredibly rewarding! Plus, it’s a solid next step for experienced nursing professionals. 

For those looking to transition, we’ve prepared a detailed cover letter example for a nurse educator, followed by several actionable tips. 

Nurse Educator Cover Letter Sample in .docx Format

nurse educator cover letter example

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Cover Letter Example for a Nurse Educator (Text Format)

Dear Prof. Goodwin,

I’m Melyssa Ninja, former LNP and current Clinical Nurse Educator at New England Hospital. My colleague, Dr. Anna Delano, has told me about the open position of Nurse Educator at Greenwich Nursing School and encouraged me to apply. 

I have been working as a nurse for the past 15 years, progressing from a junior CNA to an LNP in 2015, after completing my training program at your establishment. At that time, I was thoroughly impressed by the effectiveness of the curriculum and the passion every professor has expressed towards this vocation. Dr. Anna Delano was then teaching one of the classes and later invited me to join the private clinic she has been working for. Since then, she has served as my mentor and continually encouraged me to pursue teaching as well.

In 2019, I have joined Merida Hospital (my current employer) as a Clinical Nurse Educator. In this position, I’m in charge of training the local group of LNP nurses (20 total). Apart from teaching the practical skills for common medical procedures, I also developed a curriculum and host monthly classes on Sanitation and Safety, Patient Advocacy, and Pain Management (since our hospital caters to a lot of patients with chronic diseases). Also, I conduct regular telemetry assessments and work in improving the current training modules, based on the students’ feedback and request from the administration. 

While I greatly enjoy working in clinical settings, I believe that I could make an even greater impact as an educator for nurses who are just entering the profession. Greenwich Nursing School has shaped me both personally and professionally. It would be a great honor for me to receive an opportunity to continue cultivating the admirable student experience you have developed.

Attached is my resume and two professional reference letters as the job post requested. Don’t hesitate to contact me for additional information.

Melyssa Ninja

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How to Write a Cover Letter for Nurse Educator Jobs 

A nurse educator needs to highlight two separate skillsets — their extensive medical knowledge and the ability to transfer it to others. That’s quite a task given that a standard cover letter shouldn’t go longer than one page. But a manageable one if you apply the following cover letter writing tips. 

Explain Your Motivation 

The best educators not just have baseline lecturing skills and deep knowledge of their domain, but also a contagious passion for their subject. That’s the bit you must absolutely show in your cover letter, especially if you are looking to land a teaching position in an educational institution. 

So be sure to address why you want to become an educator rather than pursue an alternative career path. You can add a short personal story or just address the impact you expect to make as an educator. 

Try to Drop a “Connection”

The last thing you’d want is to sound like every other job applicant. But how do you make your cover letter less generic? Try to position yourself as an “insider”. 

In the sample above, the author references a mutual acquaintance — a strong advantage when applying for jobs in academia. Later on, she elaborates on being an alumnus of the same institution and describes her experience. 

OK, but what if I’m not applying for a job with my former alma mater? You still can get that “connection”. Try reaching out to the hiring person on LinkedIn or by email with a “smart job question”. Then reference this interaction in your cover letter. 

Emphasize Your Value 

Employers look for people whose skillset fills in a particular need. So instead of merely stating all your credentials, give them the extra context. Explain how you’ve developed certain skills and how these can be of use to the organization. For example, as a Nurse Educator, you can mention the particular demand in the industry and write something like this:

“Now more than ever, healthcare institutions need extra nursing staff to cope with an ongoing influx of patients. At the same time, all staff must be trained to properly deal with potentially contagious patients to minimize their exposure. In my last position, I’ve helped develop an extra training module around Covid-19 safety protocols for nurses.”

Make it easy for the reader to see how you are applying your skills and how you can proactively solve different problems. 

Final Tip: Follow All The Instructions

Both educational and medical establishments have a lengthy hiring process. Apart from the standard cover letter and resume, you are often asked to provide extra materials such as professional references, proof of certain certifications, or professional licenses. So triple-check that you’ve included all the requested documents in your application package before hitting send.