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Teachers are busy people. During their school days, they have anywhere from 20 – 35 children in their classrooms and need to engage with all of them at once, but at an individual pace. Teaching assistants (TAs) come in handy in this occasional house.

They provide a critical role in the classroom, moving about to help children with their tasks and giving extra time to those most in need. If you love working with children and have the education and experience to be a teacher assistant, then this may be the perfect job for you.

What’s more, TA positions are aplenty abroad, so this may offer a nice opportunity for relocating, working aboard and experiencing a foreign culture! 

In any case, securing a teaching assistant job will require some effort. First, you’ll need to provide a full application packet that includes a number of documents such as your resume (or CV), referrals and recommendations, teaching certificates and/or licenses, plus other requested documents. 

Most importantly, though, will be the cover letter — a document that can really provide a glimpse into your personality, motivation, and teaching philosophy.

Learn how to craft a compelling, attention-grabbing letter using our cover letter for a teacher assistant sample and bonus writing tips! 

Cover Letter Sample for Teacher Assistant – .docx Format

cover letter example for a teacher assistant

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Cover Letter for Teacher Assistant – Text Format

Dear Dr. Noah Anderson,

From a very young age, as the oldest of five children, I was thrown into a helper role with my younger siblings. What I came to understand was that each little personality was unique and in need of different approaches, if they were to be successful in everything from potty training, to putting toys away, to learning the alphabet and numbers, to completing their school work. During my time growing up, I realized that working with children is a career path I’d love to pursue.

It was only natural that I would enroll in my community college to obtain an Associate Degree in education. During my studies, I also worked part-time in an after-school program at a local daycare center, with elementary-aged children, helping them with the homework and providing tutoring when needed in the Spanish language. 

When I saw your position opening for a teacher assistant, I knew that I could provide the personalized development skills and language teaching talents you are looking for. As well, I share your commitment to providing high-quality education for all.

The attached resume and documents will provide all of the detail you will want to have as you consider the value I can bring to Ninja Memorial School And Academy.

I look forward to the possibility of discussing this opportunity with you.


Jennifer Ninja 

Tips for Crafting the Perfect Cover Letter for Teacher Assistant

Wondering how to write a cover letter similar to the one above? Here are our tips to reverse-engineer it! 

Tell a Personal Story

The employer wants to know you more personally than just from the “dry” documents in your application packet. But most applicants don’t give away their personality for the fear of sounding too casual. 

Big mistake! A personal story or some insights into your background is a great way to showcase your passion and expertise through your life experience, plus add a personal, relatable touch to it. This allows the hiring authority to better visualize you in the teaching position.


Teaching Assistant roles vary widely. Read the job description closely in order to select your top skills and qualifications that match what they are looking for. Also, stressing your passion for education and students may be the key to being selected for an interview.

Debi D-H
Debi Douma-Herren
Senior Certified HR Professional & Career Coach

Don’t Repeat Information From Your Resume

The employer will review your application documents in any case. A cover letter that just reiterates everything you’ve mentioned in your resume is hardly a thrilling read. An employer wants to quickly learn what makes you uniquely qualified and perhaps different from other applicants. Use your cover letter to communicate just that!

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Make a Positive Remark about The School or District to Show You’ve Researched

We are all human and are influenced by praise. You have provided that in an indirect way while showing that you are aware of the school’s reputation in the community. You can make an exceptionally good impression if you mention an important project or another undertaking. This will yet again show the employer that you are motivated and diligent! 

Perfect Your Grammar and Composition

Always take the time to triple-check your cover letter for grammar, composition, and punctuation. Silly grammar goofs are okay in everyday life. But these might work against you when it comes down to choosing between someone with great writing skills and you. 

Be Professional But Not Stuffy

You don’t need to sound like a Ph.D. applying for a research position with a university. Too much formality can be a turn-off for more liberal schools. So aim to sound professional yet personable. Remember, you will be working with children, not tutoring senior executives. Make your tone of voice reflect your pleasant demeanor and easygoingness.

Final Tip: Your Cover Letter is Your First Impression

First impressions are often the most important. They “color” how another person perceives you. If that impression is not great, you will spend time trying to repair that, if you even get the chance. Don’t let your cover letter leave the impression that you are “just one more candidate.” Make it memorable.