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Cover Letter Examples
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Most advice for job seekers involves landing opportunities outside of your current place of employment. That’s helpful, but what if you’re happy with your current employer? You believe in your organization’s mission, you like your coworkers, and you fit into the company culture. The only issue is that it’s time to advance. It only makes sense to seek out an internal promotion.

This is something that comes with its own unique challenges. But our team prepared some advice. Take a look at our tips on securing a new position with your current employer. Then, review our sample cover letter for an internal position.

Volunteer For Leadership Positions

You don’t need to be promoted to a position with the title of manager or supervisor to be a leader. If you are proactive enough, you will find opportunities to take the lead. Be on the lookout for an instance where you can lead a small project, for example. If an opportunity doesn’t present itself, create one. If necessary, reach out to your current boss, and communicate your desire to take on more challenges.

Take Advantage of Corporate Training Opportunities

Does your company offer free online training, workshops, or offer you the option to take classes on your own time? If so, take advantage of this. In addition to this, seek out cross-training and job shadowing opportunities as well.

This has two benefits that can help you when you are seeking new chances for advancement at work. First, you get the chance to “try out” a certain role and hone your skills before going all in. In addition to this, you also show that you are a proactive go-getter interested in furthering your career.


Prepare a cover letter for internal jobs much like you would for external jobs, but make sure to focus on the stretch roles you have taken on and volunteered for within the organization. It also helps to mention an internal sponsor who is familiar with your great work.

Debi D-H
Debi Douma-Herren
Senior Certified HR Professional & Career Coach

Get to Know People From Other Departments

Unfortunately, in many offices people tend to congregate in departmental cliques. A person may work for a company for several years and remain largely unknown to folks outside of their team. If you’re interested in moving up through the ranks, that’s a problem. This lack of familiarity can work against you.

As well, it’s difficult to learn about open positions elsewhere in your organization if you remain isolated. Thus, make an effort to widen your work-related social circle.

Communicate With Your Current Boss

Don’t create an awkward situation or commit a workplace faux pas. Before you submit your resume and cover letter for an internal position, have a conversation with your supervisor. Let them know you are interested in making the move as a matter of courtesy. Who knows, they may be willing to give you their recommendations.

Use The Same Courtesies

Think about all the things you would do to make a good impression if you were applying for a job at another company. You’d take some time to learn about the person interviewing you, you’d research the position and what it entailed, you’d show up for the interview on time, and you’d send a thank you after the interview via email.

When you interview for an internal position, you should do the same things. Don’t allow familiarity to supplant your manners.

Avoid Office Politics

If you’re interested in earning an internal promotion, you must consider how even the simplest actions could impact how you are viewed. One of these is your decision to participate in office politics and gossip. To put succinctly, don’t do that.

The higher you look up the management structure, you will begin to notice certain behaviors and personality traits. The folks who land the promotions, and move into leadership positions are those who get along with everybody. They maintain positive interactions, and they don’t participate in petty office squabbles. By doing so, they rise above office politics and gain the trust of their coworkers.

Cover Letter Sample For Internal Position in .docx Format

cover letter example for an iInternal position

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Cover Letter Example For Internal Position – Text Format

Hi Janice,

My name is Dwight Ninja, and I’m currently the warehouse supervisor. We met briefly last summer at the annual employee’s meeting. Recently, I’ve learned that you have an open position for a junior web designer in your department, and I’m writing this letter to express my interest in that job. I have received clearance from my current team leader, and HR to continue with the application process.

I believe I am uniquely qualified for this position for two reasons. First, I have worked at Acme Chemicals for five years. I am familiar with our internal and external websites. I am also deeply committed to the Acme Chemicals mission, and dedication to community and customer service. Furthermore, I will be receiving my Associate of Science in Web Design in June of this year.

In addition to working at Acme Chemical, I have also spent significant time in the past two years working as a freelance web designer. I have included a link to my portfolio in my resume so that you can review my work.

I’d love to meet over lunch to discuss this position. I truly believe I have the technical know-how, and experience required for this position. I look forward to hearing back from you.


Dwight Ninja

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in moving up in your company, let someone know. Speak to your supervisor or HR contact. There may be open positions that you have not been made aware of.

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