IT Cover Letter Example And Quick Tips For Breaking Into The IT Industry

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Information Technology (IT) is a diverse and growing field. As long as you keep your skills up to date, and build a solid track record of quality work, you are sure to have many opportunities available to you. 

So, how do you get started? Because the IT industry is so diverse and oftentimes competitive, it can be difficult to break into it and land the desired position. In this post, we provide essential tips for getting into the IT industry and landing the job that best fits your talents, check out our IT cover letter sample. It will bring together all of the advice provided here.

Keep Adding New Skills

The better your skill set, the more likely you are to find a job in this industry. That’s not the only reason you should commit to expanding your abilities. The best IT workers are quick and capable learners. They are willing and able to master new programming languages or new tools as the needs of their employer dictate. It’s not just what you know. It’s also proving that you are motivated to keep learning new things and that you can adopt new skills quickly.

Action Step: Share information about your ongoing education in your cover letter.

Show That You Know The Industry and Understand The Employer’s Needs

The best IT professionals understand the industry in which they work. They read publications, keep up with the trends, and stay active on social media in a professional sense. Further, they research potential employers to help understand the goals and initiatives they will be asked to support.

Action Step: Show that you’ve done your research and match your skills to the employer’s requirements.

Speak to Business Needs, Not Technical

Chances are, the person reviewing your cover letter and resume isn’t going to have the technical knowledge that you do. They may not have much familiarity with programming languages, network protocols, or other niche subjects. Hence, focus on outcomes instead. Share what you do to support various business areas within a company.

Action Step: Avoid using jargon and tech speak in your cover letter. Focus on what you do to help other people do their jobs better.


It can be difficult for recruiters to discern the total years of experience with technology on a resume. Clearly state your years of experience with all technology mentioned in the job posting. Don’t forget that internships and volunteer work count toward total experience!

Mary F.
Mary Ford
Executive Career Coach

Use Specific Examples

The best way to demonstrate your skills, and your ability to benefit the company you want to work for is by providing specific examples. Think of one or two notable projects where your work really made a difference.

Action Step: Use one or two specific examples that highlight you have the skills to fill the position.

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Show That You Work Well With Others

You are very likely going to be competing for jobs with people who have the same technical skills as you do. Don’t compete with them on those metrics. Instead, show that you are a team player who has well-developed emotional intelligence. Remember that a ninja knows what their opponents are good at, and then develops the skills required to be better than they are.

Action Step: Don’t forget to emphasize your soft skills. IT workers must be great communicators, capable of working in teams, and able to manage their time well.

Create a Portfolio

It’s a good idea to create a portfolio of sorts with any information that you think will help potential employers or clients understand your abilities. This could be working samples of software or apps you’ve written, client testimonials, snippets of code, and other demonstrations of your skills. 

Action Step: Create a professional portfolio or website. Link to it in your cover letter.

Sample Cover Letter For IT in .docx Format

IT sample cover letter docx

Download example (Word version)

IT Cover Letter Example – Text Format

Dear Ms Brown,

I am writing to express my interest in the position of Network Analyst reporting to your director of IT Operations. I am a certified network technician with more than three years of experience supporting IT operations at a major financial institution. Thus, I believe my mastery of Cisco Networks along with my experience as a banking industry employee makes me a great fit for this position at Ellis Area Credit Union. 

I know that fraud prevention is a key concern in the financial services industry. That is why I pursued a career as a network analyst, and why I am also continuing my education as a student of Data Security Policy Management at Washington State University. I have been fortunate to participate in many assignments in my current position that have directly reduced the number of fraud complaints levied by banking customers.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I also hope you will read my attached resume. I am very interested in pursuing this position. Ellis Area Credit Union has established a wonderful reputation for meeting the financial needs of a diverse customer base. I would love to be a part of your team. I am able to meet at your convenience for an interview.


Marcus Ninja

Final Tip: Be persistent

Follow your resume and cover letter with an email, a few days after you submit it. This will indicate that you are interested enough in the position to follow through!