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medical laboratory assistant

A medical laboratory assistant collects and prepares blood, tissue, and other samples for analysis in a medical lab. They perform routine tests, maintain accurate records, and ensure that equipment is cared for appropriately. In the last few years, we’ve learned just how valuable these professionals are.

But also, how grossly underpaid and unappreciated they can be. The “Great Resignation” was largely fueled by healthcare professionals at lower levels — nurses, lab technicians, and medical assistants among many others. As a whole, the healthcare field lost approximately 20% of its workforce. Hence many are actively hiring, which is a good thing for you. 

Yet, not all employers have addressed and resolved the underlying issues, leading to mass-quitting. But those who did now offer better hours, fair pay, and greater attention towards staff wellbeing. To help you land a truly rewarding job, we provide a sample cover letter for medical laboratory assistants. That will be followed by some actionable writing tips.

Cover Letter Sample For Medical Laboratory Assistant – Word Format

medical laboratory assistant cover letter sample

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Example Cover Letter For Medical Laboratory Assistant – Text Format

Dear Dr. Miller,

My name is Jeffrey Ninja. I was referred to the position of medical lab assistant at Arthur Medical Center by your recruiter, Beth Thomas. After discussing the specifics of the job, both of us agreed that I should “throw my name into the hat”. I am confident that I would be an excellent member of your team.

At present, I’m employed as a medical laboratory assistant at Centerstone Community Medical Center. I am responsible for collecting and packaging all samples to be sent off-site for specialized testing. Additionally, I conduct a wide range of in-house medical testing and prepare data to be reported to physicians and other staff members.

As the only second shift assistant, I am also responsible for maintaining lab cleanliness, troubleshooting and arranging for the repair of lab equipment, and ensuring that all samples are handled with proper safety protocols. To be compliant with HIPAA requirements, I also maintain a chain of custody records for each laboratory sample processed during my shifts.

While most of my work is done within the lab, I am also always eager to communicate with the patients directly. I am good at putting hospital clients at ease and gather samples in ways that are minimally invasive. My experience does include working with children, the elderly, and developmentally delayed patience. Working at a community medical center has also given me a breadth of experience working with disadvantaged populations.

I know that you are interested in hiring someone with flexible availability, high rates of personal accountability, and a strong commitment to better patient experiences, which appear to be a strong fit with my personality. 

Can we meet next week? I am eager to get started and would love to discuss this position further.


Jeffrey Ninja 

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Medical Laboratory Assistant Position 

You now have a reference — not it’s time to model a similar cover letter after it. Remember: a cover letter is a more contextualized version of your resume. It should provide extra insights into your areas of experience, personal traits, and employment details. To organize all of the above in the best way possible, follow our tips. 

Address The Company’s Needs

When you write a cover letter, personalization is absolutely key. You should not only read the job listing carefully but also research the company. Learn about:

  • The institution’s values and key operating principles 
  • Recent news and major achievements 
  • Publicly listed goals and commitments 

Once you have this information you can plan your cover letter around it. For example, you can show how you can help the company improve patient care levels: 

“I know that [Lab Name] recently signed up New Amsterdam Hospital as its main partner. This will likely increase the daily influx of lab testing samples. I’m comfortable with working in a fast-paced environment and can ensure fast and accurate testing of incoming samples.”

Mention Your Job Source

Your source is the person or resource that pointed you towards this new job opportunity. It’s important to mention this in your letter. First, you want to give proper thanks and credit to the recruiter or HR staffer who brought up the job to you. For example, the letter above mentions a recruiter. Use such small bits to create a personal connection. Additionally, the person who referred you may be able to act as a bit of a reference.

Share The Right Skills

You should highlight three or four skills that are most relevant to the employer. In this case, the letter writer focused on their ability to work independently, handle samples appropriately, and conduct basic lab tests. Presumably, these are the skills that were mentioned in the job listing. 

Other in-demand medical laboratory assistant skills include:

  • Specimen collection
  • Recordkeeping and documentation 
  • Phlebotomy
  • Specific lab equipment handling 
  • Data entry and data reconciliation 

Of course, it’s always a great idea to sprinkle in some soft skills. Even a lab assistant should be great at time management and relating to patients.

Final Tip: Don’t Second Guess Yourself

Take the time to edit and proofread your letter. You should absolutely expect to make some revisions before you feel ready to send out the final copy. That’s perfectly fine. It’s good to fix any mistakes and avoid embarrassing mistakes. Ask a friend or family member to read it over once, and give you some feedback.

Just be sure you aren’t doing too many revisions or failing to trust your own instincts. This could lead to a bland letter that really doesn’t reflect your abilities or passion for the work you do.