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Due to the pandemic, many institutions are in desperate need of caring and capable nurses. Without these professionals, it is nearly impossible to address the healthcare needs and new sanitary protocols for kids. Staying safe and healthy is extraordinarily important these days when there are so many concerns both among parents, educators, and authorities. 

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that each school employs one full-time nurse for every 750 students. But as CNN reports, there’s currently a dire shortage of school nurses nationwide.

If you are ready to step up for this important and rewarding job, it’s time to get started with your job application materials. A resume is a must-have, but so does an engaging school nurse cover letter.

School Nurse Cover Letter Sample in .docx Format

Here is a compelling sample letter for an experienced school nurse.

school nurse cover letter sample

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School Nurse Cover Letter Example – Text Format

Dear Ms. Roberts,

My name is Bethany Ninja and I am a skilled nurse with more than 12 years of experience providing nursing services to students in K-12. I recently learned that you were searching for a school nurse at Ninja Elementary. Thus, I am sending this letter along with my resume and other relevant documents (one letter of recommendation and one personal character reference letter). I believe I am capable of exceeding all expectations if I am selected for this job.

In my current position with Franklyn’s High School I effectively execute my duties and provide the necessary care for students and faculty members. These include providing annual school and sports physicals, evaluating ill and injured students, determining fitness to return to class or other activities, communicating with parents and educators, and determining when outside agencies should be involved in the care of students. Additionally, I develop care plans for students with chronic illnesses and administer medications.

I am familiar with CPS protocols and recently obtained Covid safety training. My work as a school nurse has also allowed me to create and present several educational programs on public health issues that impact students and educators. However, the most important skill I have developed is the ability to build rapport with students and deliver compassionate care.

My most recent experience as a student nurse is at Fairmont Elementary school. As you know, the student population there is quite diverse. During my time there I have followed and established protocols of care that respect students’ right to confidentiality, and offer care that honors cultural, ethnic, and other differences. Please refer to my attached resume for more information on my skills and experience.

I am very excited at the opportunity to work with the students at Ninja Elementary. I believe my experience will help me to relate to the student population, and provide them with the best quality care. Please let me know if you need anything else from me so that we can move forward in the hiring process.


Bethany Ninja

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Cover Letter Writing Tips for School Nurse Candidates

Now for some helpful tips. To write a similarly great cover letter, be sure to follow these quick tips. 

Show that Your Skills are up to Date

As a nursing professional who works in a school setting, you are obligated to maintain an updated skill set. This includes completing continuing education units and required certifications. All of this is to ensure that you are capable of providing the care students need in the current health climate. Because this is a mandatory item, be sure to mention that you are up to date and capable of executing all required duties.

Some good skills to mention in your school nurse cover letter are:

  • Sanitary protocols 
  • Infection control practices
  • Case management 
  • Care planning
  • Medication administration 
  • Physical examinations
  • Immunizations
  • Student screenings
  • BLS/ACLS certified
  • CPM certified 

Indicate an Understanding of the Students you Serve

Every school has a unique population of students whose needs are impacted by socioeconomic and cultural factors. As a school nurse, you must be prepared to provide quality and compassionate care to all students. This means understanding their backgrounds and possessing the ability to remove any personal bias in your interactions. 

To that end, share any experience you have with students in similar demographic groups. This will show your ability to connect with the children under your care.


A nurse in a school setting is different than a nurse in a healthcare facility. While technical knowledge is important, your cover letter will need to address your ability to stay organized, build relationships and help young patients stay calm. It’s a bonus when you can demonstrate these skills in a specific example.

Debi D-H
Debi Douma-Herren
Senior Certified HR Professional & Career Coach

Demonstrate Your Ability to Follow Protocols

Covid and other issues have led to new procedures and protocols around social distancing, masking, sanitation, and personal protective gear usage. Show that you are well-familiar with these and can help other faculty members explain the importance of following these sanitation protocols.

Additionally, school nurses need to follow specific processes they must follow when determining if a student’s care must be escalated, or if a report needs to be made for local authorities. If you had such work experience, bring them up in your letter. 

Detail Your Broad Commitment to Health and Wellbeing

Many people assume that the duties of a school nurse only involve caring for students who have become ill or injured on school grounds and performing routine wellness checks. In truth, school nurses actively work to create a safe and healthy school environment. This includes assisting students with chronic ailments and disabilities, creating care plans that allow students to obtain the education, and providing health-related guidance.

Final Tip: Include Your Soft Skills

In addition to providing health-related services, nurses must be attentive to details, have great communication skills, and have stellar time management skills. Remember to include all of these details in your cover letter as well